Event Management Software

Accomplished Event Web Pages

  • We transform your web page into a communication platform
  • We provide a personal touch and give importance to the information presented on the web page
  • We make information accessible throughout the time leading up to the date of the conference
  • We ensure your information is first on the list for all search engines
  • We make your website compatible with all devices and applications
  • We make sure access to your web page is easily acquired through all web brow margin-top-40sers
  • We manage webpage view statistics and visitor behaviour on your site
  • We relieve your website of time and place restrictions
  • We develop mobile applications for systems like iOS, Android, etc. for your event website.

Professional Scientific Management

  • We facilitate the collection of participant submissions, articles and whole texts
  • We store scientific studies electronically (word, pdf, etc.) and ensure delivery approvals meet deadlines
  • We provide the opportunity for distribution and evaluation of submissions to members of the scientific committee
  • We provide information regarding the process and acceptance/rejection/revision of submissions
  • We gain approval from participants regarding the printing of notifications
  • We prepare your events e-book, book and subsequent magazines online
  • We facilitate the inclusion of participant presentations into scientific programs
  • We provide access to the event e-book to all confirmed participants
  • We conduct scientific study evaluation processes according to needs of the organization

Congressional Virtual Management Office

  • We can share controls and editing of your web pages with members of the committee via secure access
  • We create submission evaluation processes of the arbitrators and manage their works
  • We provide follow up on all procedures related to the management of services like accommodation and transfers
  • We facilitate access to, and management of conference content updating and participant processes from anywhere that has internet access
  • We create an e-book, cover, content and index for your event
  • We provide online delivery of formal invitations to potential writers and participants
  • We ensure that research meets your desired standards
  • We let you monitor the income of the conference
  • We let you monitor the expenses of the conference
  • We let you direct the scientific committee
  • We let you divide and assign tasks to members of the organizing committee
  • We let you report and store content and participant data
  • We provide opportunities for regional, country or group discounts

Online Congressional Office

  • We provide fast, online completion of registration processes
  • We provide notifications to all participants
  • We provide participants with invitations, visa documents, pro forma and regular invoices
  • We can facilitate reservations and approval of social activities such as an opening cocktail and dinners
  • We provide the opportunity for participants to reserve accommodation and transfers online
  • We provide opportunities to register for separate activities such as short courses and workshops
  • We provide the opportunity for registration for pre/post or technical visits etc.
  • We provide participants with a chance to monitor and receive approvals of registration, reservation, payment etc.
  • We provide online printing of name tags
  • We provide secure online payment and invoice printing
  • We provide the opportunity to have participant processes accessed on mobile devices using iOS, Android, etc.

Secure E-payment Platform

  • We allow participants to complete their payments through our 3D secure payment system
  • We facilitate stand and sponsorship sales and payments online
  • We allow for preparation and downloading of pro forma invoices, invoice and payment receipts
  • We facilitate the registration and payment security procedures in a controlled manner
  • We process payments within the rules international payment and consumer rights

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