Event Services

Event Services

  • We analyze previous events, conventions or conferences.
  • We listen to the committees (you).
  • We ascertain the goals of the conference or event.
  • We help in choosing the appropriate date and destination of your event.
  • We put your corporate/institutional identity first.

We Assume All Risk and Responsibilities

  • We prepare financial forecast reports.
  • We undertake fiscal and financial responsibilities.
  • We undertake legal and regulatory responsibilities.
  • We fulfill all taxation responsibilities.
  • We follow all international financial regulations.
  • We make sure your conference is insured.

We Prepare and Maintain a Road Map to Success

  • We construct a timetable.
  • We establish a collaborative working platform.
  • We approach each event inquisitively, and consider every detail.
  • We provide step by step guidance for plan implementation.
  • We walk with you through the entire process.

We Assemble the Framework for Your Conference

  • We design the visual identity of the congress.
  • We prepare sample letters and templates.
  • We determine the conditions and procedures for participation.
  • We organize and arrange all web and printed material.
  • We ensure that goals are set for each step of the way and that each goal is achieved accordingly.

We Increase Participation

  • We conduct in depth research to encourage potential participants.
  • We create connections between the conference and it’s to target audiences.
  • We create international awareness of your conference through calendar sharing.
  • We use social media tools.
  • We advertise.
  • We publicize your event.

We Manage Communications

  • We establish all channels of communication.
  • We establish the organization’s contact person(s).
  • We conduct and facilitate committee-participant-speaker communication.
  • We manage sponsorship relations.
  • We undertake media communication.
  • We develop social responsibility projects.
  • We facilitate the submissions process.

We Establish a Virtual Office for the Event

  • We create the website for your conference.
  • We gather participant records and papers.
  • We receive your reservation records and payments.
  • We let you direct submissions.
  • We maintain transparency with all our work.
  • We establish a collaborative working platform.

We Manage Operations

  • We create the operation team and action plan.
  • We provide technical equipment and other needs.
  • We organize the flow of supply.
  • We direct the scientific program flow.
  • We plan and execute social activities.

We Finalize

  • We do the final reports.
  • We close the accounts with mutual consent.
  • We provide insight into the potential for following activities.
  • We set sail for your dream projects.

Let Us Call You

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